Event Speaking

When planning a conference, day long company meeting, half day seminar or lunch and learn sessions, selecting a guest speaker adds an additional dimension and special touch to your event.
Through her keynote and motivational speeches, using a mixture of story-telling, strategy and tactics, Paddy’s presentations and speeches are dynamic, informative and entertaining.

Combining meaningful messages with an energising and engaging presentation, Paddy’s lunch and learn sessions are a refreshing way to provide your team with practical ideas and solutions to increase their leadership, personal and career impact.
All sessions can be tailored to your event and your audience and delivered in a virtual environment.

The most popular topics Paddy speaks about:

Managing Mindset

How to deal with the obstacles that get in the way of delivering an outstanding performance
Everyone has a comfort zone, somewhere they feel safe because everything is predictable but where could that be holding you back?


How to stay connected to the inspirational leader within
Are you in danger of losing your own leadership identity and the opportunity to make a real difference because you’re so busy managing everything around you?


How to communicate with confidence in challenging situations
Do you dread having difficult conversations, speaking in public or asserting yourself in certain groups? Do you want to lose that fear once and for all?

Managing Your Career

How to create your own roadmap and potential career opportunities as part of your day to day work-life
Are you ready to enrich your work-life, increase your motivation and enhance your professional reputation without having to make a big move?