Who I Am

My name is Paddy. I am a leadership, communications and career coach, workshop facilitator and professional speaker. I created Total Impact to help managers who want to

  • develop their leadership confidence
  • make a significant impact
  • establish a thriving career

Develop Your Personal Power

Did you ever notice that some people seem to just have it? They walk into a room and everyone notices, they speak and everyone listens, they don’t speak and everyone else goes silent. You may call that charisma (or even the X factor!) and, while it does come naturally to some people, it’s simply a combination of skills and characteristics that work together to make a strong personal impact. I can help you to develop all the skills you need to become more assertive when you speak, have more confidence and personal presence when you present, be more persuasive when trying to influence, in short, understand and develop your own personal power.

Find Your Leadership Voice

The Dream

You want to be known for inspiring the people around you to take up a challenge, to stretch their comfort zone, to achieve bigger and better things and together, with you, to make a real difference.

The Reality

Instead, you find yourself caught up in the web of dealing with endless emails, unexpected crises and the demands of other people. Instructing rather than inspiring becomes the norm, that vision you had gets deferred until a better time. You lose touch with the leader within.

But therein lies the challenge…

Successful leadership lies in balancing the two, being comfortable to switch easily from managing to steady the ship when required and inspiring the crew to keep going, moving towards your destination, with everyone on board.
You need to uncover your unique, natural style. You need to find your leadership voice and that’s where I can help.

Create a Thriving Career

Do you find yourself caught short when a job opportunity in your company opens up or someone suggests you should go for a job that has your name on it and you discover you’re not ready? You don’t have all the skills or experience or the confidence to go for it. Worse still, have you ever felt that you absolutely were ready for that project or promotion but other people didn’t think you were? Have you ever woken up and realised that you’ve been kind of coasting, a lot of time had passed and now you were feeling a bit stuck? I can help you build the confidence and skills you need to step up, to change direction and be ready for those unexpected opportunities that come your way so that, in all areas, you make a positive impact in your career.

Paddy’s Professional Credentials

  • Masters Degree in Education, Training and Development
  • Diplomas in Executive and Career Coaching
  • Diploma in Business Studies, Training and Development
  • Qualified and licensed to use a range of psychometric instruments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator© (Step I and Step II), OPQ, 16PF, Strengthscope®, Belbin Team Roles, Thomas International and the Hogan Inventory.
  • Qualified NLP Business Practitioner
  • Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Member of the Professional Speaking Organisation
  • Member of the Association of Coaching
  • Distinguished Member of Toastmasters International (DTM)