Managing Virtual Teams

With a huge percentage of the workforce having shifted from office-based work to remote work, the way in which teams operate has shifted too. The speed at which this has happened, for such a significant number of people, has required fast adaptation and we have seen huge displays of resilience in leaders, managers and employees across the board.

Managing people in a virtual setting requires some additional skills and approaches. A key challenge of managing a team with members based in very different locations is being aware of that impact and how to manage it. Team members can feel quite disconnected from each other without the usual touchpoints and have to find new ways to communicate. They have to maintain their productivity when coping with a lot of screen time, more virtual meetings than the previous face-to-face meetings and the distractions of working from home. They need additional support to maintain their engagement, motivation and momentum.

This course provides managers with a roadmap to help team members manage those challenges, stay involved, focused and motivated and find new ways to thrive in a virtual environment.

What you will learn

Managing Virtual Teams is a modular based training programme that provides you with the tools and skills you need to overcome the challenges faced by your remote team, build trust, facilitate team development and get results. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Set up systems to increase your own personal productivity and focus
  • Use structures and processes that provide clarity, confidence and security within the team
  • Increase a sense of connection and inclusion among team members
  • Improve the flow and effectiveness of communication and build and maintain trust
  • Help team members manage multiple demands and avoid overwhelm
  • Delegate effectively without the need to micromanage
  • Conduct engaging and productive meetings
  • motivate team members to deliver and achieve results

How we do it

Using a systematic approach, each module develops in a way that increases your confidence and competence in managing virtual teams, with practical tasks and support in between modules to enable you to experience the learning and develop the skills as you go.