Facilitating Online Meetings

There’s no doubt that managing the dynamics of face-to-face meetings can be quite a challenge, particularly when you’re dealing with a hot topic or a mix of personalities with varying levels of interest and opinions. Virtual meetings, while sharing similar tasks, have their own set of challenges. How do you keep people engaged and motivated when they have so much screen time in their day? How do you build trust when you’re in different locations? How do you get everyone involved and keep the balance between more dominant and quieter speakers? How do you solve problems and make decisions, particularly when you have large numbers on the call?

What you will learn

Facilitating Online Discussions is a modular based training programme that provides you with a complete system for facilitating effective online discussions. In this course you will learn how to:

  • adapt to use your personality and adapt your personal style to facilitate online discussions effectively
  • overcome the challenges facing the discussion leader and participants in an online environment
  • build credibility and instil confidence
  • build relationships and achieve maximum engagement
  • build trust, solve problems and make decisions
  • manage different personality types and keep discussions on track
  • handle confrontation, resistance and unexpected challenges effectively

How we do it

Using a systematic approach, each module develops in a way that increases your confidence and competence in facilitating discussions in an online environment, with practical tasks and support in between modules to enable you to experience the learning and develop the skills as you go.