“Stop Selling Yourself Short!” Find the key to unlock your CV

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  • Are you really good at what you do but others don’t seem to see that when you apply for jobs?
  • Are you getting those dreaded “we regret…” letters and emails in response to your application before you even get to interview?
  • Are you feeling deflated because you can’t figure out what the problem is?
  • Are you wondering if you should just stay where you are?

Maybe you’re selling yourself short. It’s time to shine!
Transform your CV into a sales tool that sells.

Together we’ll take a tour through your CV and you will discover the best kept secrets to ensure you connect with confidence, establish your expertise, validate your value and stand out from the competition.

Sign up for my “Unlock Your CV” critique today.

  • A comprehensive review of the strengths and limitations of your CV
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  • A 30 minute feedback session with tips and techniques to elevate it to the next level
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  • A follow up record of suggested actions, changes and recommendations
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My name is Paddy. I am a leadership, communications and career coach, workshop facilitator and professional speaker. I created Total Impact to help managers who want to develop their leadership confidence, make a significant impact, establish a thriving career.